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Excelway Glossary

Learn all about the terms we use in Excelway and the Help Center.


About: the About section is a space inside your Project to create and edit any information to share with the Project members. Read more about the About section.

Activity: Where participants brainstorm, vote and define next steps within a workshop. A workshop can consist of one or many activities. In virtual events, activities can be used as separate breakout sessions. Read more about workshop activities.

Admin (Board): a Board admin can access all the Board’s settings, as well as add and remove Board members. Read more about roles and permissions.

Admin (Project): a project admin can access all the project’s settings, as well as add and remove project members. Read more about roles and permissions.

Board: a board is a visual project management tool that helps team track their progress on tasks visually and identify bottlenecks. Read more about boards.

Brainstorm: a Brainstorm is an activity’s phase launched by the facilitator to enable participants to share ideas through colored sticky notes or cards. Read more about brainstorming.

Card: present in Boards and Workshops, cards are the basic unit of action in Excelway. They provide you with a structured way to add more details to an idea, like a description, an owner, a due date etc…

Color (Cards): inside a Workshop, a card or sticky note is categorized by a color and a label. The color “Idea” in yellow is present in every activity by default.

Documents: the Documents section of a Project stores shared documents between the project members. Documents can be uploaded to and dowloaded from Excelway. Read more about documents.

Editor (Project): a project editor can access most of the project’s settings, as well as create Workshops and Boards. Read more about roles and permissions.

Export (from Workshop): the content of an activity can be exported into PNG or CSV files. Read more about exports and reports.


Facilitator: a Facilitator is a user that has the ability to lead a Workshop in Excelway. Unlike Workshop participants, a Facilitator can create activities, allow participants to brainstorm and vote, as well as other privileged permissions. Read more about Workshops roles and permissions.

List (Board): in a Board, lists represent various stages of progress of a task, creating a workflow where cards are moved across lists. Lists can be named and arranged freely to fit the team’s specific process. Read more about boards.

List (Workshop): in an activity within a Workshop, lists are visual areas where participants can add their cards or sticky notes. Lists help participants structure their ideas by gathering them inside one topic. In all the templates, the names of lists are customizable by the facilitator. Read more about activities’ lists. 

Member: anyone who is invited to join a Project is a member. Members have different access and permission levels based on their role.

Notes: collaborative meeting notes tool embedded in a Workshop.

Participant: a participant is a user that accesses and has the ability to participate to a workshop led by a Facilitator. Read more about workshop’s roles and permissions.

Position: the position of a Project or Board member helps you define your functional roles in Excelway. Positions are only informative and don’t have any effect on permissions on Excelway.

Project: a project is essentially a folder where workshops and boards are created and collaborated on. Projects can contain multiple members who can access, edit and work in workshops and boards. Read more about projects.

Report (from Workshop): the content of a Workshop’s activities, as well as tasks and notes can be downloaded as a report in a PDF format. Read more about reports.

Role: roles enable you to manage permissions for different people on your team. In Projects and Boards, members can be either Admin, Editor or Viewer. In workshops, members can be either Facilitator or Participant.

Sub-project: sub-projects enable you to organize your organization’s or team’s work in a hierarchical structure.


Tag: present in Boards and Workshops, a tag is a way to categorize a card through a colored tag and a label.

Task: A task is a to-do that is created in a Workshop and can be sent to a Board. A task can include a variety of details such as: due date, owner, description, and a checklist. Read more about tasks. 

Template: canvas or visual thinking tool to structure the brainstorming phase of an activity and help achieve the participants goals. Templates can be selected when creating a new activity in a Workshop. Read more about activities and templates.

Viewer (Project): a project viewer can access the project’s information, such as the Workshops and Boards created, the documents and the About section of the Project. Read more about roles and permissions.

Vote: a Vote is an activity’s phase started by the facilitator to enable participants to vote on ideas shared on the sticky notes. The facilitator allocates a number of votes to be used by each participant, as well as a number of maximum votes per card. Read more about voting.

Workshop: a workshop is a collaborative virtual workspace where a facilitator leads participants to brainstorm and make decisions together. An Excelway workshop can be used for team meetings, trainings and workshops, as well as large virtual events. The facilitator can use a broad range of tools such as digital sticky notes, voting systems as well as templates to facilitate the workshop. Read more about Workshops.

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