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Activities and Templates

What is an activity? 

An activity is a collaborative space inside your workshop that allows your participants to contribute by posting a sticky note or voting. 

The facilitator can create one or many activities in a workshop. As you can see below, each activity is represented by a colored squared button. 

screenshot showing the activities created in a workshop

Activities can be facilitated one after the other, each being one phase of the workshop. Or, activities can be used as breakout rooms where groups of participants will be running them at the same time.


Each activity is based on a template: a visual canvas to structure and organize the participants’ input.

When creating an activity, you access the library of templates shown below.

screnshots showing the library of templates in Excelway

If you’re looking for specific templates, use the Search bar at the top left of the window or filter the templates by category: Brainstorming, Agile workflows, Product Management, Team building, Problem solving and Strategy.

Excelway tip: Looking for more information about a template before creating it? Hover on the template of your choice and click the Preview button. 

To request a template, please get in touch with the Excelway team

Create, edit and delete an activity

Only users that have a Facilitator role on a Workshop can create, edit or delete an activity.

To create an activity, click on the New activity button in the Workshop.

Screenshot showing the New activity button

Then, select the template of your choice by clicking on its image in the templates library window. 

To edit the name, duplicate or delete an activity, click on the arrow at the bottom right of the activity square as shown below. 

screenshot showing where to click to edit the activity, duplicate it or delete.

A menu will open, through which you’ll be able to: 

– rename the activity

– change the color of the square

– duplicate the activity

– delete the activity

screenshot showing the modification menu of the activity

The name of the activity can also be edited inside the activity screen.

– to edit the name of the activity, simply click on the name at the top left corner of the screen and save your changes by pressing Enter or clicking on the checkmark

screenshot that shows how to edit the name of an activity once you are inside the activity

– to edit the name of a list, click on the list’s name and save your changes by pressing Enter or clicking on the checkmark

screenshot showing how to edit the name of a list in an activity
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