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Activities’ lists and cards

Activities’ lists

Most of Excelway’s activities are made of lists, a container to group ideas written on cards. 

In the activity Blank Brainstorm, a Facilitator can create as many lists as needed. There are two ways to create lists: 

1- Create a list by clicking the + Add list button in the activity

screenshot showing the Add list button in the Blank Brainstorm activity


2- Turn existing cards into lists. To do so:

– Click on the Actions in bulk button at the left of the screen, then click on Turn cards into list as shown below

screenshot showing the Turn cards into list feature in a Blank Brainstorm activity

– Select the cards that you’d like to turn into lists.

– Then, select the activity where you’d like to place these lists. Please note that lists can be placed only in activities that are built on a Blank Brainstorm template

Excelway tip: This feature is great to deep-dive into an issue that received a great number of votes. In this case, the votes can determine the priority of the issue.

Once created, lists’ names can be edited by clicking on them and validating the changes by pressing Enter or clicking on the checkmark.

screenshot showing how to edit the name of a list in an activity

Activities’ cards

In an activity, cards are sticky notes that participants can create to contribute with their ideas while brainstorming.

Cards consist mainly of a text -that is written by the participant during the brainstorm phase- and a color – that is chosen by the Facilitator when starting the brainstorm.

Creating a card

For a participant to create a card, the Facilitator needs to start the Brainstorm. Then, the participant:

– clicks on the + Add card button in a list

– choses the color by clicking on it if the Facilitator determined more than one

– Press Enter or clicks the Add buton

screenshot showing how to add a card in an activity

Excelway tip: to know what the colors stand for, you can hover on the color and its label will show in a tool tip as in the image above.

Editing and deleting a card

Only the participant that created a card, or the user that has a Facilitator role on the workshop, can edit or delete it. To help see the cards that one has created and that can be edited, a pencil icon is visible at the top right corner of the card.

To edit the card, simply click on the pencil icon and start editing its title.

To delete the card, click on the pencil icon and select Delete in the menu.

To move a card, the participant that created it or the facilitator can drag and drop the card in the list and place of their choice.

Adding details to a card

A card can contain more information than its title and color. Information that can be added to a card is:

– description

– checklists

– owner

– colored tags

– due date

To add this additional information to the card, the Facilitator or the participant that created the card simply needs to click on it and use the buttons at the right.

screenshot showing the details of a card where additional information can be added

Commenting on a card

All participants to the workshop can leave a comment on a card. To add a comment to a card, the participant clicks on the card to view its details and start typing its comment in the Comments field. To save the comment, click on the + button or press Enter.

The number of comments will appear on the card in the activity, as shown below.

Screenshot showing the number of comments on a card
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