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Workshop Roles and Permissions


Inside an Excelway workshop, there are two roles: facilitator and participant. This article highlights the permissions of each of these roles.

Excelway tip: The creator of a Workshop is by default its facilitator. The members of a Project are by default participants to a Workshop. Once the Workshop is created, these two default settings can be changed through the Invite window. 

Facilitator’s role

The user that has a facilitator role on a Workshop has the highest level of permission and has access to a number of features that controls what participants can and cannot do.

Managing invitations

A facilitator can invite and remove participants as well as other facilitators by clicking the Invite button.

screenshot showing the invite button present on the screen of the facilitator

Creating an activity

Only a user that has a facilitator role can create, edit or delete an activity through the New activity button. The newly created activity will show instantly on the participants’ screen.

screenshot showing the activity created in a workshop by a facilitator

Facilitating an activity

Inside any activity, the top part of a facilitator screen consists of a facilitation workflow. This part allows a facilitator to start a brainstorming session and get input from participants, as well as a voting session. 

screenshot showing the facilitation workflow available to the facilitator in an activity

Excelway tip: participants can only start adding cards when a facilitator clicks the “Brainstorm” button in the workflow. 

Actions in bulk with cards

The Magic wand button allows the facilitator to perform actions in bulk with cards, like moving them to activities or turning them into lists.

Screenshot showing the magic wand button on a facilitator's screen

Editing content 

The user that has a facilitator role on a Workshop can edit any content created at any time. Therefore, the facilitator can:

– edit the name of the workshop

– edit the name of an activity

– edit the name of a list

– edit any content in a card (title, description ect…)

Excelway tip: the facilitator role allows to add a card at any time. Thus, the + Add card button in a list remains active for the facilitator, even if a brainstorm or a voting session are inactive.

Other Facilitator’s permissions

In addition to the permissions mentioned above, the facilitator can perform the same actions as the participants at any time, meaning: 

– adding notes

– adding tasks

– filtering cards

– voting when the vote is on.

Participant’s role

A user that has a participant role on a Workshop can at any time: 

– navigate to an activity created

– add meeting notes

– add tasks

– filter cards

When a Brainstorm is started by a facilitator, a participant can: 

– add a card

– edit any content on a card he/she created

When a Vote is started by a facilitator, a participant can: 

– vote on the cards the facilitator allowed the vote on

Excelway tip: participants can only edit content on cards they created themselves. A participant cannot edit, move or delete a card that has been created by another user.

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