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Exports and Reports

Exporting data from an activity

Content from an activity can be exported in two formats: 

– PNG, as a picture of the screen including all sticky notes written

– CSV, that can easily be converted to .xls format (excel). The CSV export includes the label of the sticky notes colors as well as the tasks decided during the activity

To export data from an activity: 

– click on the arrow next to the activity name

– select the format you want the data to be exported to

Screenshot showing the button to export data from an activity in csv or png

Exporting the workshop report

The workshop report is a document that gathers all the available data on a workshop, including:

– list of participants

– list of facilitators

– ideas posted in each activity, with their voting score and color legend

– statistics on participation during the workshop

– tasks

– notes

To generate this report:

– go the Workshop module in the Project

– click on the Quick Actions button of the workshop you want to generate the report of

– click Download workshop report

Screenshot showing the download report button in the workshop module


– go to the menu inside the Workshop

– click on Download report

Screenshot showing how to download workshop report
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