Features to make teamwork smarter

Meaning that meetings are effective and constructive, communication is clear and projects are structured.

Bonus: everything is neatly tied together.


Every project in Excelway brings together the tools you need to do constructive teamwork: sessions, boards, documents, and more.

Real-time collaboration on projects icon


Turn your workshops and all-hands meetings into interactive and visual experiences.

Project hierarchy icon

Unlimited hierarchy

Divide your projects into unlimited layers of subprojects. 

Kanban board icon


Manage your tasks in Kanban Boards and get a clear view of what needs to be done. 

Project document icon


Share documents so that anyone can have them within reach.

User role and permission icon


Control tightly what each person can read and edit on any element of the project. 

Mark a project as favorite icon


Mark important projects as favorites so you can access them in a snap.

Project wiki icon

Project Wiki

Every project comes with a wiki section to make members’ onboarding seamless.

Real-time collaboration on projects icon

Real-time collaboration

Invite co-workers and partners to collaborate.


Where teams meet to solve problems, make decisions, discuss important issues, brainstorm, and make sense of the world.

Session privacy icon

Session Privacy

Choose among different privacy options to control how people can access the workshop.

Workshop meeting notes icon

Meeting notes

Write collaboratively the meeting agenda or minutes without switching apps.

Voting icon


 Take smarter and more inclusive decisions with anonymous voting. Measure consensus.


Export all your workshop content in CSV, PNG or PDF format. 

Invite facilitators icon


Invite co-facilitators to help you manage the workshop’s activities and logistics. 

Tasks management icon


Capture actions items during the meeting and send them straight to the project board.

Filter sticky notes icon


Drill down quickly to find exactly the idea you’re looking for with powerful filters.

Facilitation icon

Turn cards into lists

Select stickies based on number of votes and make them lists to deep dive on what matters.

Breakout activities icon

Breakout activities

Split participants into separate activities and allow ideas and people to move as they please.

Digital sticky notes icon

Sticky notes

With dozens of colors, you won’t run out of stickies nor space this time. 

Facilitation icon

Turn cards into tasks

Select ideas based on votes, color or list, and turn them in bulk into tasks.

Workshop templates

Browse our library of canvas templates or customize them to make them your own.

Asynchronous workshop icon

Asynchronous mode

Let your workshop session open so that anyone can contribute when it’s best.

Workshop comments icon


Collaborate with comments so that work and conversation stay connected. 

move cards in bulk icon

Move cards in bulk

Move sticky notes from one activity to another in bulk using the multi-criteria selector.

Team radar icon

Team Radar

Visualize and track health dimensions to spot areas of strength and areas of change. 


Ideas that are born in sessions are directly welcomed in Kanban boards, helping teams making them a reality.

drag and drop in kanban boards icon

Drag and drop

Work can be hard. But managing it on Excelway is as simple as drag and drop.

due date icon for tasks

Due Date

Add a due date to each task and get automatic visual reminders to help you reach it.

assign tasks in kanban boards

Assign tasks

Assign each task to an owner and team members, so everybody knows what to work on.

Labels icon


Use colored labels to categorize tasks, assign priority, or track progress. 

Checklist icon


Use checklists to add sub-tasks. Track progress visually and mark things off.

Attachments to tasks icon


Attach documents, files and images to tasks to keep the context always in sight.

comments icon


Add comments to tasks to keep all the nitty-gritty details in one place.

Real-time collaboration on projects icon


Work on a task, at the same time with anyone. No double-entry and no refresh needed.

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