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Intro to Boards

What is a Board?

A Board is a task and project management tool that helps teams organize their work and track their progress.

A Board can be used for a variety of use cases and across industries. Whether you’re managing a sales team funnel or launching a new website, you can easily adapt a Board to your needs.

Kanban view of a board

In Excelway, a Board is made of two main elements: Sections and Tasks.

Create a Board

Boards can be created from the Boards Module in a Project. Users that have Admin or Editor rights on the Project can create a Board by clicking on the + New Board button at the top right corner of the page.

Screenshot showing the button to create a Board

The Board’s creation process has two steps:

1. Give a name and a description to the Board

2. Invite members to collaborate on the Board. To add a member to the Board, click on Add user as shown below. This will create a new line at the bottom of the window to fill with the member’s email, as well as position and role.

Screenshot showing the second step of a Board creation

When creating a Board, Excelway adds by default the Project’s members to the Board with the same role they have on the Project. For example, someone that has an Admin role on the Project will have by default an Admin role on the Board.

At this step of the Board creation process, members can be removed by clicking the Remove button, or edit their role by editing the Role field.

Board Views: List and Kanban

Boards can currently be seen in two views: List and Kanban. Although both views contain the same data, they differ in the way they present certain elements. 

The List View

The List view present the list of tasks vertically. The information on the task taht is displayed is:

– task title

– members, with the avatar of the owner of the task appearing in yellow

– priority

– and due date.

In the List view, tasks can be dragged and dropped from one section to another, and sections can be folded. It is also possible to sort the tasks by any of these fields by clicking on the field header.

gif showing list view

The Kanban View

The Kanban view display more information on the tasks, than the List view, including:

– cover image

– tags

– number of checklist items

– number of comments

– number of attachments.

As in the List view, tasks can be dragged and dropped from one section to another.

Kanban view of a board


In a Board, Sections are containers to keep tasks organized in their various stages of progress. They allow teams to create a workflow where tasks are moved from start to finish.

Sections can be named and arranged freely to fit the team’s specific process, except for the first section, ‘New Cards‘, that can be renamed but not removed or moved.

When sending tasks from a Workshop to a Board, the tasks sent will appear in this first section, ‘New Cards‘ and can then be managed as any other tasks of the Board.

To create a new section, click on the + Add section green button in the Board.

Please note that to be able to add a section, you need to have an Admin or Editor role on the Board.


how to add a new section to a board

Excelway tip: The easiest way to get started with sections is to set simple but effective steps like “To Do”, “Doing” and “Done”.

To rename a section, just click on its name and save the new name by clicking the Check button.

And to remove a section, click on the third dots next to the name and click Remove section as shown below.

Remove section


Tasks provide you with a structured way to hold a variety of useful information together.

Tasks can be dragged and dropped across lists to reflect the progress that is being made.

To add a Task, click on the green button Add Task at the bottom of a list. Please note that users that have a Viewer role in a Board cannot add or edit tasks.


add task button in a board

Click on a task to see its details and edit them if needed. Please note that only the users that have an Admin or Editor role on the Board can edit a task.

Elements can be added to the task by clicking on the buttons at the right, as shown in the image below.

Screenshot showing the detailed information in a card on a board

Duplicate and delete a task

To duplicate a task, click on the button Duplicate task on the right side of the task window. The duplicate will appear in the same list the original task is, at the bottom of the list.

To delete a task, click on the Delete task button. Please note that at the moment, deleting a task cannot be undone.

Delete a Board

To delete a Board, click on the menu by the Board’s name, then click Delete. Please note that only users with Admin and Editor roles can delete Boards and that deleting Boards cannot be undone at the moment.

Screenshot showing the Delete Board feature in the Board menu
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