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Navigating Excelway

A Sneak Peek into Excelway’s Structure

All elements in Excelway are organized within Projects. A Project is a structured and collaborative way of managing how your team meets and how it gets work done in-between meetings.

That’s why each Project contains a set of tools:

– Workshops: where collaborative  meetings, workshops and events are held

– Boards: where tasks are organized and progress is tracked

– Documents: where all relevant documents are stored and shared

– About: where the most important information on the Project is shared.

Each Project can have an unlimited number of Sub-Projects that are organized in a folder way. Just like Projects, Sub-Projects contain their own set of tools (Workshops, Boards, Documents and About).

Diagram showing Excelway's structure to introduce navigating Excelway

Navigating between Projects

All my Projects Screen

When you login to Excelway, you land on the All my Project page. This screen displays all your Projects and Sub-Projects in cards that contain other information such as the Project description, the members as well as the Project’s dates.

To access a Project, just click on its name.

Navigating Excelway between Projects through All my Projects screen

The Project navigation bar

To navigate between Projects while you are already on an Project:

1. Click on the Project’s name in the navigation bar

Screenshot showing how to access the Project Navigation Bar

2. Click on the Project or Sub-Project in the list

Screenshot showing the list of Projects and Sub-Projects in the Projects navigation bar

To navigate to the All my Projects screen: 

1. Click on the Project’s name in the navigation bar

Screenshot showing how to access the Project Navigation Bar

2. Click on See All my Projects

Screenshot highlighting the All my Projects button in the Project navigation bar

Navigating inside the Project

The Excelway Project Screen is divided into 5 areas :

Screenshot showing the Project screen areas

1. Project’s name dropdown – access all Projects and Sub-Projects that you are a member of

2. Project tools – access to all the Workshops, Boards, Documents and Information of the Project

3. Project Settings and Members – edit Project settings and manage Project members

4. Main Pane – displays a list of Workshops, Boards, Documents or the About section of the Project, as well as a creation button and a search bar

5. Top Bar – your Profile Settings, Notifications and access to support resources

Navigating Workshops

Workshops’ overview in the Project

The Workshops’ page in the Project displays a list of all the Workshops that have been organized within this project, with 3 main areas: 

Screenshot showing the areas of the Workshop Page in the Project

1. Workshop’s information – such as your role, the Workshop’s date, the list of participants and the number of tasks that emerged from this Workshop.

2. Quick actions on the Workshop – Downloading the report, closing and deleting the Workshop (available to facilitators only), invite and manage participants and co-facilitators. 

3. Access to the Workshop

Excelway tip: You can also access the Workshop by clicking on its name.

Navigating inside the Workshop

The Workshop screen contains 6 areas and features.

Some are only visible by the facilitator:

1. Access to Workshop settings – to change the Workshop’s name, privacy status and dates

2. Invite and manage participants and co-facilitators

3. Create a new Activity – access to the Activity

Some are visible by both the facilitator and the participants:

4. Created Activities

5. Online participants and facilitators

6. Access to Tasks and Notes

7. Back to the Project (or logout for participants without account)

Navigating Boards

The Board screen contains 4 areas:

Navigating Boards

1. Board’s settings – edit settings and delete the Board

2. Board’s members – invite and manage members and their roles

3. Board’s content – to organize and track tasks

4. Top Bar – your Profile Settings, Notification and access to support resources

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