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Excelway updates: January 2022

2 February 2022

One productivity killer you can decide to ditch this year is reinventing the wheel.

Whether you’re planning a big project, organizing a corporate event or managing a bidding process, having a well-thought starting point can be a big help.

Our newest board templates feature takes the pain out of starting a project from scratch, so you can get back to getting the right things done.

TL;DR? Check out our short video 🎥

Introducing board templates

Turn best practices and processes into templates. From our templates library, Get inspiration on the effective ways to manage a project with an Excelway board.

Tweak these templates to fit your team’s processes or even create your own in a click.

board templates

Email notification to tasks assignees

Get all the tasks details straight in your inbox, whether you are assigned as an owner or a member of a task.

email notification when assigned a task

Link a task to a Board

If you are looking to gather many boards in one or referencing a board for more context, link a task to a board and navigate easily without going through your project architecture.

link a task to a board

Get your workshop report in Google Doc, Docx or PDf format

Last month, we have redesigned the automatic workshop report so that it’s complete, workable and elegant. This month, you can choose to download it in Docx, Google Docs or PDF format.

export workshop report in docx or pdf

Adjust privacy settings in your board

Allow your team members to only access the tasks they are working on in a shared board. By checking this option, only board members with an admin role can see the tasks that are not assigned to them.

privacy settings in board

🎉 Other improvements

  • Workshop participants without an Excelway account can upload their profile picture when joining a public workshop.
  • Tasks cover images can be selected. By default, the first image attached to the task still appears as a cover image.
  • Tasks’ start and end dates can now be deleted.
  • Checklist’s titles can now be edited.
  • We’ve added time validators when you set your notification preferences, so that no mistake can be made.

Written by Sophia

Passionate about how people build things together, Sophia has dedicated her academic and professional work to understanding group collaboration in a remote setting. Today, she is the founder of Excelway.
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