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Excelway updates: September 2021

29 September 2021

In September, Excelway is improving to help you plan better your work, while leaving room for spontaneity and last minute change. Manage your tasks with a tidy list view, save precious time during status meetings by checking a task’s history logs, send calendar invites with your workshop invite and so much more.

And yes, that’s more than 10 new features and 10 improvements delivered to you this month.

TL;DR? Check out our short video 🎥

✅ Make a list!

There’s a reason lists have been around since… a while. They are the absolute best way to lay down what needs to be done before rolling up one’s sleeves.

So we couldn’t be more excited to introduce the list view: a new way to visualise and manage your team’s tasks. Scan easily what needs to be done and by whom. Collapse sections and sort fields to have a clearer view on what matters to you. And yes, you can still drag and drop sections and tasks.

gif showing list view

Task history feed

Guessing what happened is only fun when playing Cluedo Clue. Find out everything that has been done on a task through its History feed: description and assignee changes, and so on.

gif showing history logs feature

Plan your workshop in one place

Now you can do all the workshop planning and logistics in one place. Add a time to your workshop event and send calendar invite to all participants.

Along with their calendar notification, they will find their personal link to the private workshop in the description of the calendar event.

gif showing calendar invite feature

Duplicate a workshop

Copy-pasting each activity content and settings across workshops is now a hassle of the past. Repurpose your workshop for a different crowd or a different occasion in a click. Tweak it as you need, invite the new participants by email or link, and off you go.

Perfect for time-aware consultants, company-wide facilitators and team rituals.

image showing duplicate workshop feature

🎨 Edit sticky note colour anytime

The sticky notes colours you use help participants see the big picture and make sense of the different inputs. Today, we’re releasing the power to choose those colours spontaneously, at anytime during the workshop. A new category of idea is emerging? A nasty typo is staring at everyone? Would a lighter colour actually increase readability?

A facilitator can now fix that on the go, without stoping the brainstorm and restarting it.

gif showing sticky note color change feature

Filter by priority and tag

Cut through the noise of crowded boards by filtering tasks by priority and, or tag. These filters can be combined with the existing ones: owner, member and due date.

That’s right : you can apply more than five filters together on a board.

image showing filter by tag and priority feature

Profile avatar

Recognize team members at a glance and add a human touch in your shared workspace by uploading an image avatar to your profile. It can be simply your best profile picture, or any creative way you want your colleagues to see you.

image showing profile page

Improved profile section

Speaking of profile, we’ve redesigned the whole section to make it in line with the overall app design. We’ve also added a password change feature in it so that you keep control of your account security at anytime.

Re-open a workshop

Closed workshops can be reopened by clicking “Open workshop” in the actions menu of the workshop.

re-open workshop featuer

🎉 Other improvements

  • For any new workshop, its dates are automatically set to the creation day, and can be edited at any time.
  • the date format in boards is easier to understand for everyone and is now : Mmm dd
  • side buttons inside the workshop have been redesigned to leave more space to the main interface
  • security on any attached file to Excelway has been improved with 24hr backups
  • fixed some priority tags that were not appearing on the Kanban view
  • user dummies won’t show as project and board members
  • fixed task’s attachment that couldn’t be downloaded
  • fixed board daily and weekly summaries email notification
  • fixed bug that was preventing from changing activities’ colors and titles in a workshop
  • fixed clumsy drag and drop of cards, lists, section and tasks in boards and workshops (basically, everything that was drag and droppable on Excelway)

Before you go…

Just wanted to say thank you.

Your requests and feedback constantly inspire us to make Excelway better everyday. So please, keep those comments coming… and we’ll be here, designing and building to help you improve teamwork.

Written by Sophia

Passionate about how people build things together, Sophia has dedicated her academic and professional work to understanding group collaboration in a remote setting. Today, she is the founder of Excelway.
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