Turn daydreaming attendees into active contributors

ExcelWay combines the best parts of collaborative brainstorming, problem solving and task management to help fast-moving teams turn their ideas into successful projects.

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Lead smarter

Let your teammates’ ideas be heard, and plan, discuss, and solve problems together in an authentic way, anywhere, anytime.

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Stay organized easier

Supercharge your productivity by staying on the pulse of assigned tasks.

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Meet deadlines faster

Unlock “next-level” performances and the assured timely deliveries you’ve always chased.

Here’s How Excelway Helps You Manage End-To-End Workflows In Just 4 Simple Steps …

1. Plan and facilitate a workshop.

Drive your meetings forwards collaboratively.

Leverage sticky notes, and votes to convey the group’s ideas in the most engaging, and striking way.

Get started with productive brainstorming and problem-solving sessions right away through ready-to-use templates.

Empower your participants to gain a sense of confidence, and avoid hiccups by offering them the easiest tool to use in an interactive session.

Pre-built templates and canvases

Advanced controls for meeting organization

Brainstorming with color-coded sticky notes

Voting & consensus measuring included

Set co-facilitators for a helping hand

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Image showing online workshop templates library in Excelway

2. Start leaving meetings with crystal-clear next steps.

End juggling multiple tools for good. 

No more hoop-jumping and time-consuming tasks!

With Excelway, it’s never been easier to end every meeting with great clarity, and automatically transfer tasks into a project management system, no matter how many sticky notes and projects you have. 

Generate automatic, ready-to-share reports for full-time access with just a few taps: from meeting content to finalized tasks and meeting statistics your meeting report will never be so complete!

Instantly turn any sticky note into a task

Filter sticky notes by voting result, color and more!

Write down tasks anytime during the session

Set task owner, due date, & description

Transfer tasks to different projects

Screen showing next step and tasks during the online workshop

3. Easily keep track of daily tasks.

    And never feel stuck managing time-sensitive projects again.

    Need to dig deeper into the work information while you’re managing projects?

    As opposed to having to scatter over what feels like numerous emails, private folders, and group chats you now have the possibility to know everything about a specific task in one place, from owner to description, due date, checklists, attached files, comments, priority, and so on.

    Get started quickly with templates for HR, Product, Sales and IT projects

    Mention teammates to keep the conversation in one place

    Monitor your tasks in list view & kanban view

    Apply multiple filters to find exactly what you’re looking for

    Check out our full list of features 

    screenshot of a kanban board in Excelway after the online workshop

    4. Eliminate the headache of chasing teammates with a convenient progress record solution 

      Get daily, and weekly status reports directly into your inbox in no time. No hassles. No time wasted. 

      With less time spent on creating charts over spreadsheets, you can spend more time focusing on your vision, the big picture, and things that actually matter – having pre-built, customizable charts on project management dashboards has never been this handy. 

      Personalised daily & weekly summaries

      Full customization control on dashboards

      Build your well-designed chart through dozens of condition types

      screenshot of a kanban board in Excelway after the online workshop

      See how ExcelWay adds ease and focus to:

      Get a head start with templates

       Hand-picked visual canvases to help you structure your conversation and lead your audience into new ways of working.

      Get started with our ever-growing library of templates. Customize them easily to fit your need.

      Take Excelway for a spin

      There is no substitute for hands-on experience. Try it for yourself.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Can’t find your answer below? Hit us up on live chat!

      What is a workshop?

      A workshop is a collaborative visual workspace where a facilitator leads participants to brainstorm and make decisions together.

      An Excelway workshop can be used in parrallel of a video conferencing tool for team meetings, trainings and workshops, as well as large virtual events.

      The facilitator disposes of a broad range of tools such as digital sticky notes, voting systems as well as templates to facilitate the workshop.

      Is ExcelWay yet another productivity tool?
      ExcelWay is the only platform that streamlines your workflow from idea to action by combining workshop facilitation with project and task management, making:
      • information in one place and not scattered in tools, docs and emails 
      • a boost of at least 30% in overall productivity with some unique features automating 100% of common processes 
      • your team and clients acquainted with one easy-to-use interface and not lost juggling many tools at once 
      What languages are currently supported?

      ExcelWay is currently available in English, French and Arabic. 

      I'm an agency, can I use ExcelWay with clients?

      With its granular permission system, the possibility to host public workshops and it’s easy-to-use interfaces, ExcelWay is a great option to upgrade your clients’ consulting experience.

      If you plan on using ExcelWay regularly with clients, we’d love to hear from you as we’re building the ExcelWay Partnership Program with industry experts!

      Expect enjoying recurring commission, listing in our directory and much more.

      How many people can I invite to a workshop?

      If you organize a private workshop -ie. a workshop that only personally invited users can access – , there is no limit on the number of participants as long as they have an ExcelWay account. 
      As to public workshops, participants don’t need an ExcelWay account. The 10 participants’ limit to public workshops can be increased to 100+ participants with our Large Workshops add-on.  

      Is my data secure?

      ExcelWay uses Amazon Web Services (AWS) to host all of our applications and static resources in their data center in Paris, France. They’re one of the top hosting providers in the world – used by companies like Netflix, Adobe, Snap, and Atlassian.

      Only ExcelWay engineers have access to these machines, via key-based SSH login. We update system software whenever updates are available.

      To learn more, read about AWS security policies.

      We back-up everything continuously to ensure your valuable data stays safe.

      This data is only accessible by the same group of ExcelWay engineers who have access to hosting machines. Your private data will not be accessed by our team except as absolutely needed to resolve issues and with your consent and permission.

      Is there someone I can ask if I have any questions?

      Sure, you can use the in-app chat from the upper right corner of any ExcelWay screens or reach out to our support team. We’d be happy to help 🙂 

      If I don't like ExcelWay, how can I cancel?

      You can cancel it from your ExcelWay profile subscription tab. Our paid plans include a 30-day refund period, no questions asked.