Release V1.1: World in Progress

25 November 2020

Your ideas shape the world. In this release, we wanted to make it easier for you and your team to do so.

Now you can : 

  • Create breakout activities and let participants brainstorm in async mode
  • Let participants edit their own sticky notes and comment on all stickies
  • Vote as a facilitator

TL;DR? See the presentation 👇

New Features 🎉

Breakout Activities

You can now let your participants move freely from one activity to another as well as split your session into multiple group activities. When participants enter the session, they will be welcomed on the Activities page and have access to the activities created. 

Brainstorming and voting remain under the facilitator’s control and are possible once he or she pushes the Start Brainstorm or Start Voting buttons. From there, participants can connect in synchronous or asynchronous mode and get straight to work. 

Breakout activity screen in Excelway

Activities in Progress

If a brainstorm or a vote is in progress, an “In Progress” tag blinks softly on the activity.

Improvements 💪

Participants can edit their stickies

Stickies are meant to make the world simple. So working with them shouldn’t be confusing. We’ve added more editing rights for participants on their own sticky notes: edit them, change color, move them around and even add in details such as due date, check-list, and owner.

You guessed it right! Those stickies are getting prepped for turning ideas into real-life plans.

Card being edited on Excelway

Participants can easily see which stickies they sent

With so many ideas coming to the surface and more editing rights, recognizing one’s sticky-notes is a cozy improvement that will make spotting this nasty typo as fast as an eye blink. 


Participants can comment on other cards

Write down questions or feedback on any sticky of the activity through the comments section of the card. The number of comments will be shown directly on the card.

Comments on Excelway cards

Participants can export the activity content

No more copy-pasting, screenshotting, or “could you be so nice to share the csv”ing. Participants can export the activity content in CSV and PNG format, right from their screen.

export feature available to participants

Voting is available to the facilitator 🗳️

When starting a vote, the facilitator gets the same feature as the participant so he can contribute to the decision making too.

Reminder when switching to a private or public session 🔖

When turning a private session public, you shouldn’t forget to share the session link. When turning a public session private, you shouldn’t forget to share your participants’ email so that they get the email invite. But forgetting things is part of being human. So we added a gentle reminder every time you switch the session status so that you can focus on getting work done.

Other improvements 🔧

  • No words limit for a list’s name
  • The session name is edited in real-time in the session navigation menu
  • Tags in boards can be deleted
  • The creator of a project is set by default as its owner
  • When sending tasks to boards, at least one task should be selected 
  • Changes in permissions made to a project can be applied automatically to its boards and sub-projects by checking the “apply changes” box.

Bug Fixes 🐛

  • “Leave Session” button won’t log out users with Excelway accounts
  • Fixed an issue when multiple attachments were added to cards in boards.

See it for yourself!

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Written by Sophia

Passionate about how people build things together, Sophia has dedicated her academic and professional work to understanding group collaboration in a remote setting. Today, she is the founder of Excelway.
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