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Technical Requirements

Supported browsers

Excelway is a web application and works best with the Chrome browser on its latest version.

However, it’s also supported by:

Firefox on its latest version

Safari for Mac on its latest version

Microsoft Edge on its latest version

Users using Safari may experience display problems on certains canvases and workshop activities, although Excelway’s feature are fully functional on this browser.

Excelway tip: Excelway only supports the most up-to-date, official browser version.  Ensure you have the best possible experience by updating your browser to the latest version.

Supported devices

Excelway works well in all computers as well as most of tablets. It has proven to work as well on some smartphones, although we don’t recommend using the current version on a mobile phone.

The team is currently considering developing a mobile app to allow participants to contribute to a workshop. Please get in touch for more information on this topic.


You are required to use in order to use Excelway and ensure that our last version of the product works properly. Some users may experience issues connecting over when behind strict corporate firewalls or when using aged antivirus software.

If you’re having trouble establishing a connection to Excelway, we recommend:

– test your connectivity on this link. In the event name field, type Pong and click Listen. If your connexion to is successful, you should start seeing numbers appearing in the toglle On Pong Events as in the image below.

screenshot showing the messages confirming connexion to

– contact your IT department and direct them to this article to diagnose the issue. They can check if your corporate firewall could be interfering with the connection.

– you may need to update your anti-virus or firewal to the latest version to ensure that it’s not blocking your connection

– if the above solutions didn’t solve the connectivity problem, please get in touch with us.

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