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Task fields

Task fields allow you to access and edit all information about a task in one place.

You can access these fields by clicking on the task card in the Board.

Excelway tip: To be able to edit a task field, a user needs to have Edit or Admin rights on the Board.

Title and Description

The title is a mandatory field that describes in a short sentence what the task is about. A user can see all tasks’ titles at a glance in a Board, without the need to access the details of the task.

screenshot of a board with tasks' titles

The task description is an optional field that allows to add more context information about a task.

screenshot of a task description inside a card

Owner and members

Every task can have only one owner, while it can have many members.

Owners and members of tasks can be seen at a glance without opening the task details. On the board, the initials of owners are displayed in green, while those of the members are displayed in grey.

Screenshot of a card with an owner and members

To assign a task to an owner, select the name of the person in the owner field inside the task.

screenshot showing the owner field in the task

To assign a task to a member, click on the button Members and check the names of the people that should be members of this task.

Screenshot showing how to assign members to a task

Excelway tip: to be an owner or a member of a task, a user should be added to the board as a board member. Learn more about board members.


To attach a file to a task, click on the Attachment button and select the file from your computer browser.

screenshot showing the Attachment button inside the card

You can download or remove the file attached by clicking on the modification menu by the file attached.

Screenshot showing how to remove and download an attachment

The number of files attached to a task can be seen at a glance on the card, without accessing the task’s details.

screenshot showing the number of attachments on a card


Checklists allow you to track sub-tasks or small work items related to a task.

To add a checklist to a card:

– click the button Checklist

– give the checklist a title

– click the button Add checklist.

Screenshot showing how to add a checklist

To add items to a checklist, write each item on a field and click + or press Enter. Check the boxes as the items get done.

Screenshot showing how to add an item to a checklist

The total number of checklist items on a task as well as the progress on completion can be seen at a glance on the board, without accessing the tasks’s details.

screenshot showing the number of checklist items

To remove the checklist, click on the modification menu by the checklist’s name and click Remove checklist.

screenshot showing how to remove a checklist


Colored tags can be added to each task to group similar tasks under common categories. There can be multiple tags on a single task. Tags can be seen at a glance, without accessing the card’s details.

Screenshot showing a board with colored tags

To add a new tag:

– click on the Tag button in the task,

– click Add

– type a tag’s label and select a color

– Click Add

add colored tags to a task


Priority is an optional field that allows you to set a High, Medium or Low Priority to a task.

priority field

Mark task complete

To mark a task complete, check the box that is on the card.

screenshot showing the checkbox to mark a card complete
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