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Private and Public Workshops

What is a Private Workshop?

A private workshop is a workshop where you control who has access as a participant.

In a private workshop:

– participants need an Excelway account

– participants receive an email with a unique link to login and access the workshop

– participants can be owner of tasks that are decided during the workshop

– participants are added to the project as members with a Viewer’s role

Private workshops are better suited for internal meetings or meetings dealing with sensitive or confidential issues.

Excelway tip: users that are members of a Project don’t receive an invite by email when a private workshop is created within the Project. They can access the workshop directly through their Workshop module in the Project. 

What is a Public Workshop?

A public workshop is a workshop that can be accessed by anyone that has the link.

In a public workshop:

– participants don’t need to have an Excelway account

– facilitators can invite participants by sharing a link

– participants only need to fill their name and last name to access the workshop

– a participant cannot be made facilitator if he/she doesn’t have an Excelway account

Public workshops are better suited for large events, or punctual meetings with external stakeholders and that are not dealing with sensitive or confidential issues.

Excelway tip: The Team and Business pricing plans of Excelway include 10 free participants in public workshops. If you need more participants, you can purchase one or multiple Large Meetings add-ons. Each add-on allows you to add 100 participants to your public workshop. 

How to set a workshop’s privacy status?

There are two ways to set or update the privacy status of a workshop. 

When creating the workshop, a window with a radio button invites you to chose whether you’re creating a private or public workshop. 

screenshot showing the window when creating a new workshop

Once the workshop is created, you can update the privacy status and turn it into a private or public workshop directly within the workshop interface. 

To edit the privacy status, from the main page of the workshop, click on the drop down by the name of the workshop, then on Workshop settings.

screenshot showing how to access the workshop settings from the main page of the workshop

In the Workshop Settings window, select Private Workshop or Public Workshop.

A message will remind you to invite the participants according to the new status of the workshop. Please note that if you invited participants to a private workshop and then turned the workshop into a public one, the link that your participants received in the email invitation will no longer be active. You will need to share with them the newly generated link for the public workshop. 

screenshot showing the update of the workshop privacy status
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