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We’ve created Excelway to be the easiest tool to use in order to brainstorm ideas during an online workshop.

Say goodbye to complex tools and confusing UIs that create unnecessary hassle for your invitees. In ExcelWay, the participants’ experience is so simple that you can easily have them onboard and give a voice to any type of audience – no matter their tech-savviness.

We’ve also produced Excelway to allow you to build your self-confidence in your facilitation journey. If you’re new to collaborative meetings and events, we recommend you start small, and go on to building more elaborate workshops as you feel comfortable.

In this learn, we’ll learn:

00:00 What makes brainstorming in ExcelWay special

00:39 The basics to run a brainstorming session

02:23 And how to use some advanced facilitation features.

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