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Manage easily your ideation process, from the brainstorming meeting to the decisions and tasks management

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More than the usual brainstorming app

Connect your teams' ideas

Most of brainstorming tools don’t allow you to connect ideas across meetings and teams. That is the perfect recipe for effort duplication and silos.

With Excelway Brainstorm teams can easily build upon past ideas, making knowledge-sharing seamless and every additional effort a little smarter.

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Diverge and converge safely


You can now embrace the chaos of creativity and problem solving.

Excelway Brainstorm makes it easier to converge ideas and keep group's productivity on track.

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Measure consensus

Distribute points to participants and measure the level of consensus on a topic

Get to decisions and actions

Set decisions and actions all along your meeting determining what, who and by when

Built-in timer

Time anything you want and let your hand and focus free from holding a timer


Be creative. Stay accurate

Represent the intricacies of your team ideas through visual display.

Use boards, columns, colour notes and tags to create, sort and define logical relations between categories of input.

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Become the serene facilitator you've always wished to be

Facilitating group dynamics requires energy to create engagement. Prevent your focus from being drifted away by unnecessary tasks: taking pictures of sticky notes, transcribing and restructuring them are now a thing of the past.

With Excelway's exporting features, reliable record of participants’ input is only a click away.


Export in csv, .doc and .pdf format

Edit minutes collaboratively

Include voting results, comments and decisions

Let everyone's voice be heard

Meetings can often become the rhetorical battleground for loud voices. However, you can still make space for the quiet ones and lead an inclusive meeting.

With Excelway digital sticky notes, every participant is invited to contribute, whether on site or remotely.

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Keep the momentum from idea to action.

No need to wait for actions to be launched after the meeting. They can go live directly and ready to be acted upon, either on Excelway’s built-in project management tool, or integrated with the software you already use.

Be the perfect host

You’ll be able to take a load off your mind knowing that Excelway automatically sends personalised invitations to each participant with all necessary logistics information. All you’ll have to do is greet them warmly on the D day.

For enterprise scalability

Set up meetings in projects and programs to fit your organisational design. Invite co-facilitators and other project members to collaborate while controlling user roles and sharing permissions.

Your meetings knowledge base

No more need to look for past emails or ask around for a meeting's minutes. Excelway stores safely all your meetings content in one place so that you can leverage your teams’ know-how at any moment through a simple search.

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Discover our full stack of interactive meeting tools

We've built a full stack of digital meeting tools to help modern organisations engage collocated and remote teams in synchronous ideation, decision-making and shared understanding.


Whether assessing maturity or complexity, use a gamified design to inspect, learn and plan for improvements


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From stakeholder mapping to business model canvas, choose from many pre-built templates to make your collective work visual