Make assessment an engaging experience

A workshop experience your team will look forward to.

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Know where you stand today and plan for the road ahead.

When practice review feels like playing a card game

Self-assessing should feel as awesome as it truly is : an opportunity to know where we stand as a group and find the best way to our common future.

With Excelway’s assessment meeting application, teams can assess their maturity on any practice or goal by voting simultaneously on cards.

Include slides and videos to present during the session

Hide, flip and shuffle cards for an entertaining experience

Analyse how people vote to start building consensus

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Reach new heights with actionable data


All in one place

Move your assessment results away from scattered spreadsheets to secure and centralised data. Spend time analysing data rather than compiling it.

Get the big picture

Excelway custom dashboard enables you to aggregate, drill down and benchmark assessments’ results across projects, programs and even business units and clients.

Unveil best practices

With action plans linked to assessment results, identify best practices in minutes and get insights on what is driving top performing teams.

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More time for facilitator’s tasks that truly create value

Relaxing after an energy-intensive workshop is a facilitator’s dream. However, once the workshop is over comes the time for capturing and sharing content. It often includes taking pictures of sticky notes and transcribing them.

Excelway automates workshops’ report at the click of a button, making deciphering participants’ handwriting and formatting minutes, a thing of the past.

Export in .doc and .pdf format

Edit minutes collaboratively


Include assessment results, comments and decisions

For visual, collaborative and goal-oriented work

Make the team follow-up on their improvement actions visually. Through Kanban and Calendar views, identify bottlenecks and reorganise activities using drag and drop.

Keep progress on the assessed practices visible so that teams will find themselves longing for the next assessment.

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From assessment to planning to execution.


Take advantage of the workshop dynamic to directly plan improvements that will get the teams to their next maturity level. They can go live directly and ready to be acted upon, either on Excelway’s built-in project management module or the software you already use.

Work on your own terms

Working with 3, 5 or 7 maturity levels? Is your maturity model composed of dimensions, categories and sub-categories? Define your maturity model according to your terminology and architecture and manage versions of your content so that everyone is on the right page.

For enterprise scalability

Organise the assessment workshops into projects and programs to fit your organisational design. Invite co-facilitators and other project members to collaborate while controlling user roles and sharing permissions.

Be the perfect host

You’ll be able to take a load off your mind knowing that Excelway automatically sends personalised invitations to each participant with all necessary logistics information. All you’ll have to do is greet them warmly on the D day.

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