Facilitate interactive meetings and capture brainpower.


Excelway is your company's meeting hub. It offers the facilitation tools you need while keeping all the content organised and in line with what matters to your business.

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Your meetings substance shouldn't disappear in scattered docs and tools. Excelway got your back at every step of the process :


Make everyone contribute to the meeting, whether on-site or remotely


Follow meetings with actions, not formatting minutes nor updating workflows

Measure and learn

Get ready-to-use business analytics from your meetings and projects content

It's the first time that we actually finish a retrospective on time. It's at least 4 hours saved on the team's time."
Lamia Levavasseur, Product Manager


Save time and energy for the meaningful things

Meetings can be energy-consuming. Work on solving problems and building alignment within your team - we take care of the rest.

Producing minutes in a second, dispatching action items, and keeping all data smartly organised for re-use is what Excelway technology is for.

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From 'said' to 'done' in no time

Prevent the actions decided in the meeting from piling up in another "to do later" list.

Send to dos directly to Excelway's project management platform or other tools you use to get things done and include your validation workflow.

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What if your meeting notes were an ever evolving knowledge base?

Re-inventing the wheel is among the biggest frustrations of organisations. What if you could surface the knowledge you need instantly, without reading through tons of docs?

Excelway transforms your meeting conversations into small chunks of indexed data so that anyone can have the big picture and dive into crucial details when it's most needed.

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Learn more about our full stack of interactive meeting tools

We've built a full stack of digital meeting tools to help organisations engage all collocated and remote teams in synchronous ideation, decision-making and shared understanding.


Brainstorming boards with data cross-referencing to bring the most innovative ideas to light



Assessing maturity? Use a gamified design to inspect and plan for improvements




Choose from many pre-built templates to make your collective work visual